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Trailheads all have different travel times. We will leave with time to get us to the trailhead at the set drop off time. Please arrive at our location with a map and a proper kit to look after your bike and your yourself. Once you leave the vehicle, you are responsible for your own well-being and safety. If you don’t know ask – we’re here to make sure you have a blast!

Weekend Short Route

Weekend Short route:  $10

Harding Way Drop off with Pick up at Homestake on Saturdays and Blacktail Ridge on Sundays.

Various options to explore.. Beaver ponds fork  Which will take you to blacktail ridge or stay on cdt for 9 miles.  Or do a climb up to Lime Kiln drop back down and head to Homestake via the above mentioned option or ride into Thompson Park and climb archery range to blacktail (Sunday option only) short route time will not allow later pickup.  Must be at shuttle pick-up @4:00.

Trails on this are for beginner to intermediate. Singletrack all the way.  With climbs. Tight corners on some decent, CDT.

Two rides in July will be Butte 25 route. Homestake will be drop off and pick-up.$5

Mid July through September we will offer CDT north Homestake to Maude S as one of our short route options. $5 a person. The decent from the top of the East Ridge is for Expert. (Many unclip and walk sections they are unsure of).

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Weekend Long Route

Weekend Long Route $10

Drop off Blacktail Ridge on Saturdays. Pick up at Harding Way. Can follow Butte South 50 Route. With Highlands 2:00 pick up or continue to Homestake for a 6:00 pick up. We will have some weekend rides where a catered lunch/food stop will  be waiting for you at Highlands. Our calender will have these listed. $20 per person

Drop off Thompson Park(Lion’s Den) on Sundays. With options to explore Thompson Park then climb archery range into the beaver ponds connecting to CDT North over to Homestake  Or take rail bed in Thompson park up to harding way after hitting trails in Thompson Park. 2:00 pickup at Homestake. Or continue on CDT north to Maude S. 5:00 pickup.

August we will have a Saturday long route that consists of Homestake Drop off with Pick up at Nez Pierce. $15

August on Sundays our long Route will travel over to Konda Ranch where you can ride Lowland trails. $30. Food catering will be part of these rides.

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Pre Season Route

Route Pipestone: drop off at Little Rails. Pick up @ Four Corners. BLM lower trails marked by number. USFS land intermittent once left turn at four corners.

If wanting a longer loop can be dropped off at the exit and then follow dirt road to ringing rocks to connect with upper trails to four corners or peddle main delmoe road up to little rails etc.

Tour of Lewis and Clark Caverns can be an option. Weather dependent.

$15 per person. Great Sunday option.

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Additional Rides & Specials


Drop off  at 6:00. Pick-up at 9:00

Options will include Homestake, Thompson Park, Basin Creek, Harding way.

MacRiv Fridays

(MCP Fridays)

[need more info]



Middle of  August we will have a shuttle trip up to The Tobacco Roots. All Day riding. $50 per person or whole shuttle rental at $475. 12 total in shuttle. Includes to and from Tobacco Roots and an awesome post ride meal.


Halloween Shuttle

Thanksgiving Dirt Friday.. Pipestone

New Years Ride


Butte100 Race Training Shuttles

Butte 100 Training shuttle. Ride north/ south any combo. Long ride $20 + $10 will include aid station Highlands support.

Short ride – Harding Way pick up @2 end of ride.

July 3, July 17 Homestake drop off @8 pick up.@5. Highlands we will have aid station support set up. @11:30-1.

Must be @ shuttle pick up@5 at end of ride/day.

Important to Remember

safety tips especially for mountain bikers:

  • Test the fit and function of your equipment before each ride.
  • In addition to always wearing a properly fastened helmet, add extra safety gear as appropriate.
  • Always yield the trail. Let others know you are coming, and call out “on your left!” before you pass.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and other trail users.
  • Ride to your ability and in control at all times.
  • Do not ride wet and soft trails.
  • Ride open trails only.
  • Lower your tire pressure for better traction control.
  • Lower your seat to help keep your center of gravity on long downhills.
  • Use your brakes intermittently on rough terrain.
  • Bring repair equipment, it could be a long hike if you have mechanical problems.
  • Always keep your speed at a level that will allow full control.

What to bring… a biking checklist:

  • Bike tools
  • Cell phone
  • First aid kit
  • Food and water (bring extra)
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Lights (flashing) for evening/night visibility
  • Map/compass
  • Rain gear
  • Safety or sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Tire pump, patches, spare tube