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  • Reservations require a credit card number we will only charge if you do not call to cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled rental. If you don’t cancel we will bill your card for the first day of the reservation for each bike that we could have rented otherwise.
  • All cancellations must be in writing and sent to us by e-mail, more than 48 hours in advance.


Each ride must be present for safety instruction.
Those who rent from Linked Adventures,in a group  One rider will need a valid ID and credit card present at the time of rental. We will make a copy of credit card for a deposit on the equipment.

Please respect our bikes and the trail and refrain from riding during wet conditions. There will be a minimum $25 charge to all rental equipment returned muddy.

  • $1800 pre-authorization on credit card is required for ALL bike rentals*
  • Call ahead for all rental availability at:  1-406-593-0071 or email
  • Pre-booking ensures bike is ready to go for you
– Pending-


Crash Coverage: covers BASIC repairs that may be incurred as the result of a crash.

COVERED: out of true wheels, tubes, tire, shifters, levers, derailleur, hanger, cables and housing, pedals.

NOT COVERED: frame failures, dents, scratched stanchions, broken fork fasteners, theft or loss of bike, any and all damages due to undue care and activities not associated with cycling.